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Digital Media Sandbox Consortium Resource Links
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DMSC Breaks into Media: Marketing Campaign (21 X) Commences....
DMSC Tournament 2.0 2008 Survey
Please take the short survey linked here to help us do the metric on our constant improvement ethic.
Example of digital publishing: note option of downloading whole document or chapters.
From Florida Learn and Serve website: note lack of quantitative research in metrics. Issues of retention and recruitment loom large for all institutions. Arguably, resources invested in Academic Technology and Service Learning will reap a higher return on the education investment dollar. Skillsets built in Academic Technology will help the 21st century workforce thrive in the flat world; Service Learning will help that workforce lead it.
Link to Audacity tutorial, along with other digital media tutorials.
Cut to the chase with these self-starter tools and begin hand-crafting your digital media e-portofolio.
Link to Howard Gardner on digital media from the MacArthur Foundation
Podcast Tournament Survey
Please encourage all participants to take our brief on-line survey on Zoomerang. Results will be uploaded after the tournament.
We Feel Fine
This site is a little beyond description, but suffice it to say it practices what it preaches. A veritable motherlode of research potential to explore convergence in affective and cognitive domains. If the call is to measure outcomes, then measure outcomes.
Web 2.0 Concerns: Security and Governance. 70% of executives surveyed say it will improve productivity.
From Campus Technology.
World Economic Forum Panel on Web 2.0
Clears the deck on the subject of where to guide inquiry of this topic on our times. Take notes. Help guide the inquiry, create the value and measure the outcomes.


DMSC A-Game Social Entrepreneurial Model: Spring 08
DMSC TNCC Proposal
Dr. Leslie Jarmon, UT-Austin Best Practice for Sandbox Method. Social Entrepreneurship Category.
Henry Jenkins Digital White Paper
MacArthur Foundation Digital Fact Sheet
Nashville NPR WPLN's Podcast Tournament Score Sheet for 2007
North Carolina Campus Compact Presentation Powerpoint
Recent Educause Article as Cautionary Tale: Can you do the future?
Rubric for First Digital Media Sandbox Consortium Podcast Tournament: Spring 07
Rubric: DMSC Podcasting Tournament Spring 08
Sandbox Director's Report: Summer 07
Sandbox Partner Virginia Tech article on Active Learning in Educause
sandbox philosophy and testing the null 1.0


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