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A serious game for the wicked problem of networking education.

DMSC GovChal/BlueSky Book Wiki: click through here. 

Founded by Bob Bradley and by Doug Edmunds and Paul Jones with the Univeristy of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) in 2006, the Digital Media Sandbox Consortium (DMSC) launched the annual DMSC Governor's Challenge Digital Media Tournament the following year. Often referred to as the "NCAA of engaged scholarship," the Governors Challenge blends the intercollegiate sports model of tiered regional competition with the peer review model of the Academy Awards. The peer review model provides reciprocal value to both judges and tournament contestants and can be implemented by participants in courses or independently for improving skills and media assets for portfolios.


The Tournament showcases a unique "sandbox" model of collaborative competition while providing the DMSC leadership with opportunities for valuable statistical analysis on judge and participant data. Although manifested in production of digital media, the data reflects skill levels developed in diverse fields of study and skill sets culminated in a common media set, which has become the standard by which business and academia communicate. Participating universities are able to contribute to the assimilation of Webbased digital media libraries as well as hone the digital media production skills of their faculty, staff and student bodies. These collections remain public libraries available online to the general public. Individuals take away media portfolios that demonstrate capacity, as well as national recognition for their work.


1.0 --Spring 2007 State: 5 categories, 1 state, 6 institutions, 25 assets, (12 judges)

In 2007, version 1.0 of the tournament reached state-wide participation and was judged by Nashville NPR station.


2.0 --Spring 2008  Regional: 6 categories, 3 states, 7 inst., 28 assets, (110 judges, 6 countries)

2008 brought 2.0 and the tournament's competitors included student, staff and faculty representing seven schools and universities in Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.


3.0 --Spring 2009: National: 6 categories, 7 states, 15 inst., 52 assets (60 judges, 4 countries)

The 2009 tournament boasted the volunteer participation of over 100 professionals, faculty, staff and student judges representing six countries in a peer review model of engaged scholarship. Direct and indirect partner donations and support over the three year period have topped $270,000.00 and have funded administration, marketing and prizes for year 1’s state tournament, year 2’s regional tournament and year 3’s national tournament.


4.0: Spring 2010 Intramural Prototype I: University of Virginia with Atlantic Coast Conference support.


5.0: Spring 2011 Intrumural Prototype II: University of Virginia with ACC support

 The DMSC GovChal 2011 is recruiting higher education faculty and students to participate in the “DMSC Governors Challenge “Virtual Institute Spring 2011”:

1.     Enter media in the GovChal (Three networks described in links to left; also, we accept audio and video entries for six total from each institution)

2.     Take our pre-survey below and register as participants in the Virtual Institute and judges for the GovChal; judges can be students, faculty or professionals and will score media based on rating instrument during our Virtual Institute

3.     Assist with analytics and scoring of Challenge.


SPONSORSHIP: Sponsors of the DMSC Governors Challenge have included Tennessee State University (founding institution), University of Memphis, East Tennessee State University, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), University of Tennessee at Martin, University of Virginia, University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, Tennessee Campus Compact (TNCC), the FedEx Institute, Apple Inc., echomusic, Microsoft, Targus, Cisco and EMMA.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy our three-year harvest of innovation, creativity and competitive collaboration.

2007 first year winners and contest submissions for GovChal 3.0 archived at East Tennessee State University iTunesU site: Click here.

2008 winners and contest submissions archived at UT Martin iTunesU site: click here

2009 winners posted on Tennessee Campus Compact Website: click here

Digital Media Sandbox Consortium Governors Challenge 2011

Bob Bradley