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DMSC believes that all individuals deserve access to quality education that equips students with the tools and resources required to compete in a 21st century economy. DMSC supports a model of education that emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills over the simple memorization of facts; recognizing the internet as a powerful resource, DMSC creates classroom curricula and open source collaboration networks that enhance studentsí abilities to effectively navigate the web, identify and evaluate relevant information, and present research in a creative format that helps students recognize and develop their strengths and interests.


Our guided system of knowledge sharing looks to the open-source philosophy of groups like the Sakai Foundation and the Red Hat Community as models for growth: DMSC seeks to cultivate a community of open source content, as Sakai cultivates an open source forum for designing learning platforms. DMSC also seeks to market services and products to the growing community.


While DMSCís Sandbox Solution aims to provide schools with the necessary resources and guidance to teach students how to conduct research and create multi-media presentations eligible for online publication, the DMSC Governorís Challenge creates an exciting platform for students and faculty to share their work and compete for prizes and national recognition, in a number of different categories. Both programs encourage participants to create projects that positively impact their communities, as well as provide a public space for individuals to exchange ideas, reflect upon their experiences, and collaborate on new proposals with peers at local, state, and national levels.


Our proposed system additionally emphasizes professional development by helping students create a digital portfolio that demonstrates their newly learned, marketable technology based skills. These will include how to create and publish multimedia presentations, and how to build and maintain a website.


Of special interest to DMSC and the Governors Challenge is the experiential, or service learning model. Service Learning is a formally recognized educational model combining civic service assignments with structured opportunities that link the assignment to self-reflection, self-discovery, and the acquisition and comprehension of values, skills, and knowledge content. DSMC contends that by putting civic lessons in the context of hands on, technological exploration, service learning not only helps students accumulate knowledge, but offers extensive personal growth opportunities.


Students learn to apply textbook lessons to real world situations and experiences, helping them better understand the role of a seemingly abstract education, and guiding their consideration of personal and professional goals. There is evidence that service learning empowers students, and that empowered and motivated students perform better on high stake tests, as well as maintain a higher student retention rate until graduation than disempowered individuals. Raising test scores and retention rates is a mission that DMSC is committed to improving.


Finally, DMSC eventually hopes to create an online equity exchange platform from which networks and communities can trade services, learn new skills, and exchange service for student loan forgiveness, in an Americorps/Vista-like model. DMSC believes strongly that there is no limit to what fearless and innovative minds can accomplish.